Dread X Collection 2 Announced, Out in August

If you are into indie horror games, then you’ll be happy to learn that the Dread X Collection will get a second entry in August, featuring games from 12 developers, including one by the one and only David Szymanski, creator of DUSK (which is still on sale until July 9th, by the way).

The original Dread X Collection was released in May, and it has a Very Positive Steam user rating, so they must be doing something right. Also, it included another game from the DUSK dad, The Pony Factory (and believe me when I say it’s way scarier than it sounds).

Here’s a link to the announcement of the Dread X Collection 2, so you can read all about the games that will be included.

David Szymanski – Squirrel Stapler

Wither Studios – Touched by an Outer God

Bathysfear Labs – The Diving Bell

Scythe Dev Team – To The End Of Days

Mahelyk – The Toy Shop

Torple Dook – Undiscovered

John Szymanski – Charlotte’s Exile

Secret Cow Level – Another Late Night

Vidas Games – Arcadletra



Daniel Mullins – SOLIPSIS

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