DUSK Entering Early Access on January 11, 2018

New Blood Interactive is in a Christmas mood, so they’ve just revealed that Dave Szymanski‘s DUSK will become an Early Access title on January 11th, 2018.

Players looking forward to the visceral shooter’s second episode and the multiplayer mode (DUSKWorld) will be happy to learn that both these things will be included in the Early Access release, as well as new Endless Mode arenas.

New Blood’s Dave Oshry shared the news in a lengthy Steam post, addressing the community’s concern over the move, and revealing that the price won’t change. Here’s the entire post, which is well worth a read if you are a fan of DUSK.

Gamers who pre-ordered DUSK before Christmas (today, December 25, 2017) will be upgraded to the Digital Collector’s Edition at no extra charge. This means they will all get the DUSK 40-page Digital Comic, plus the Original Soundtrack created by Andrew Hulshult.

I’d say that’s an amazing Christmas gift from Mr. Hulshult to all of us.

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