DUSK’s Latest Trailer Is All Kinds of Awesome, Teases Multiplayer Reveal

It’s no secret that David Szymanski’s upcoming first person shooter DUSK looks better with every trailer, and the latest footage released by publisher New Blood Interactive is no exception to this unwritten rule.

Featuring a new track composed by the always excellent Andrew Hulshult, the 1:13 minutes long teaser video showcases enemy infighting, ludicrous amounts of graphics options, gratuitous hopping and crazy mid air flips.

Gamers hoping for a look at the upcoming title’s multiplayer action won’t be disappointed, as the developer will share more footage during this year’s Quakecon.

I previewed DUSK on October 2016, and had this to say about it:

DUSK‘s Pre-Alpha build feels like a dream come true, as its tight controls and fast paced gameplay rival even the classics of the genre. David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive have a hit on their hands, and I can’t wait for the game’s full release in 2017.

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