Dying Light: Hellraid Gets Magical With a New Free Update

Techland has dropped yet another free update for Dying Light‘s Hellraid DLC, adding a new map section and a quest that grants players access to a magical weapon upon completion.

This new content drop won’t be the last we’ll see of Hellraid, according to the update’s trailer, so it’s very nice to see than more than a year since the DLC launched, Techland is still hard at work adding new quests, weapons and areas to explore.

Both the base game and the DLC are currently on sale, so be sure to head over to Steam and check it out if you enjoy open world zombie slaying action with tons of parkour, or would like to take a quick ride through Hell while you cash in some bounties and get sweet loot.

The aura on the other side of the portal is changing… As Lucius’ lost ancient power was flowing through Hellraid, awaiting an adventurer who could tame it, it has found a new vessel. Prove your dedication and mastery of your skills to get hold of that raw magic, and you’ll grasp might beyond understanding. Are you worthy of holding the Fire Wand, the weapon allowing you to command flames themselves? Enter the hellish dungeon, and face the trial.

The new challenge comes with a whole new map section for you to explore, and a new skill — Wand Mastery. Unlocking it will allow you to use the Fire Wand, the new fireball-shooting weapon. During your next visit to Hellraid, you’ll also see we’ve added three new potions that will make you even more powerful, so give them a try! And if you’ve finished the Imprisoned quest, you’ll gain access to the armory, where you’ll be able to exhibit the weapons you’ve gained through your Hellraid ranks. Make sure to show them off, and see you on the other side!

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