Dynasty Warriors 9 Getting Co-Op Today, Free Trial Next Month

To say that Dynasty Warriors 9 was a disappointment to most fans of the franchise would probably be an understatement, as the 20% positive reviews for the game on Steam can attest to. Thankfully, Koei Tecmo didn’t abandon their game after launch, and they’ve been working on patches and new content since then, with a co-op mode dropping today, and a free trial making the rounds on November 1, 2018.

The cooperative mode will support up to two players in both online and local (splitscreen) gameplay, and today’s patch will also add other features, such as new bows and background music from previous Dynasty Warriors titles.

Gamers looking forward to testing Dynasty Warriors 9 for free will be happy to learn that the free trial that is coming on November will let them play as up to three of the ninety officers available in the full game as they explore the first ever open world Dynasty Warriors title.

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