Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Be Released on PC

Koei Tecmo America announced today that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The publisher also shared details about the game’s features and a number of new screenshots, showcasing the latest Warriors title’s gorgeous open world environments.

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Players can choose to either follow the main quest or explore the vast open world, which features important landmarks such as the beautiful cedar woods and bamboo forest of Chengdu and the Great Wall. As they traverse the game’s digital recreation of China, players will be able to engage in all sorts of skirmishes, side missions and even larger battles, showcasing a freedom of action that wasn’t present in previous Warriors titles. Completing these open world activities will open up bonus rewards and future battles will be affected by the player’s actions as well.

Koei Tecmo has also announced that two new playable characters will be available, Man Chong, hailing from the Kingdom of Wei, a brilliant general, skilled debater and excellent tactician and Zhou Cang, the Kingdom of Shu’s best warrior, renowned for his incredible stamina and speed. Both characters will join the series’ strong roster of fan favorites, providing a diverse selection for gamers willing to experiment.

Fan favorites haven’t been left out either, as the publisher will also release new costume designs for Sun Shangxiang, Lu Xun and the mighty demon god Lu Bu.

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