E3 2018 Recap: Devolver Digital

E3 is in full swing, so we’ve decided to share all the PC-related announcements here. Better get comfortable because there’s a lot of stuff coming out on our favorite platform in the near future!

Devolver Digital:

Devolver Digital needs no introduction in the modern video game landscape. This rogue publisher seems to be an indie developer’s best friend, releasing all sorts of crazy titles over the last few years (and crucially, always pushing for PC ports of all their output). E3 2018 wasn’t the exception to this unwritten rule, as the following titles will prove:

Metal Wolf Chaos is coming to PC (and current-gen consoles, sans Nintendo Switch). Updated graphics and gameplay improvements will ensure that this is the definitive edition of this formerly Xbox exclusive FromSoftware classic. We don’t have a release date yet, but the trailer promises that Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be among us in 2018.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a modernized re-release of FromSoftware‘s 2004 mech shooter with upgraded visual fidelity, refined controls and gameplay, a new save system, and 4K + 16:9 support for modern displays.

SCUM is getting a Steam Early Access release in August of this year. This GamepiresCroteam co-production was revealed in 2016 and it’s come a long way since then, with regular updates posted on Devolver’s Youtube channel (featuring the always lovable John J. Dick).

SCUM evolves the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival.
My Friend Pedro looks as great as it did the last time Devolver Digital shared a trailer, but now we have a somewhat clearer release window, as the latest video released just in time for E3 claims we’ll be able to pull off all sorts of crazy tricks in early 2019.

My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana.
Last but not least, we have some screenshots from Croteam‘s upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. It’s not a lot, but we’ll get a good look at the gameplay in this long awaited sequel later this week.


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