Earth Defense Force 4.1 Mission Pack 2 out now

Sandlot‘s popular Starship Troopers on a budget simulator, Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, just got its second Mission pack today.

The DLC, aptly titled Mission Pack 2: Extreme Battle, adds twenty three new missions to the game, letting players blow apart bugs and Ravager machines of war in a spectacular fashion, as expected from an Earth Defense Force game, and it costs US$ 11.99 (with a 20% launch discount bringing the price down to US$ 9.59)

From the wording of its description we expect a high level of difficulty, which would mean that aspiring EDF recruits would have to grind for better equipment before attempting to beat the new missions.


Every bug, bot and battleship in the Ravager arsenal is lined up to take a shot at you! Face a gauntlet of 23 missions — some new, some classic, all EXTREME!

3 thoughts on “Earth Defense Force 4.1 Mission Pack 2 out now

    • On PS4 probably. As you may be able to discern from the website’s title, we only report on PC gaming news. The PC version of this DLC pack came out when we published this post, so it’s not “old”

      Thanks for your concern!

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