Endless Space 2 coming to Early Access in September

Amplitude Studios, developer of the successful Endless series of strategy games, has announced that Endless Space 2 will get a Steam Early Access release in September.

The turn-based 4X strategy game will be set in a space colonization age, and its Early Access version will feature four out of eight major factions planned for the final release.

The development team has been kind enough to share small teasers of three of the four major factions that will be present in Endless Space 2‘s Early Access stage.

The Lumeris are a society that revolves around trade, economic deals, economic growth, and doing business. Expansion and acquisition are the bywords of their culture, and as an amphibious people they are prepared to make money in any environment. Their society is organized around a series of families that have traditionally run different parts of their economy, and the balance of power and negotiations between the families is what drives progress – or blocks it.

Curious, analytical, and inquisitive, the Sophons are a people who pride knowledge above all else.

No theory — or machine — is so perfect that it couldn’t be improved with a bit of tinkering; advances come both in great leaps and in tiny increments. And, occasionally, violent explosions.

The Sophons travel the galaxy driven by their thirst to discover and understand. As such, they view war as nothing more than a distraction from the important things in life. However, with their advanced technologies, they can become a surprisingly dangerous foe.

Created by the Endless from an insectoid life form, the Cravers are in the purest sense hunter-gatherers who would never have independently evolved the systems and infrastructure needed to raise crops or domesticate animals.

Their life cycle is based on consumption, and as such they are capable of digesting any form of plant or animal matter. As their home world is close to being consumed, they must leave in search of further nourishment.

For if they do not continue to expand, discover, and exploit new worlds, their society will eat itself to death. Feeding the hive is their all-consuming purpose; the notions of ‘treaty’, ‘trade’, and ‘peace’ do not exist.

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