Eric Chahi’s Paper Beast Hits PCVR This Summer

Pixel Reef revealed today that Paper Beast will arrive on PCVR platforms (SteamVR and Oculus compatible headsets) this summer.

This rather unique adventure and exploration game was originally released for PlayStation VR back in March 2020, and it was well received by both fans and critics. This new PC edition will include a number of upgrades, such as continuous movement, better visuals, gameplay improvements, more animals, plants and items, plus an expanded sandbox mode.

We don’t have a PC trailer as of today, so I’ve embedded the PSVR launch trailer below.

I’m super excited that we can finally talk about the PC version of Paper Beast! The initial reaction to the PlayStation 4 version by both the fans and the critics was beyond what we could have imagined, so we really can’t wait to make the game available for VR players on PC. Besides, we had a really fun time going back into development and adding a bunch of cool new surprises to this version of Paper Beast.

Eric Chahi, founder of Pixel Reef.

Game description:

An adventure and exploration game about wildlife in a dreamlike universe.

Somewhere in the abyssal depths of the internet, life has blossomed. Be the first to explore this virgin land where nature takes center stage. An unknown power seems to upset its balance. Join forces with intriguing and endearing creatures to solve the puzzles of Paper Beast.

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