EVE Online going free to play in November

CCP Games has announced that their popular sandbox sci-fi MMO EVE Online will be getting a huge update that will enable Free to Play functionality in November.

The developer will introduce a system called the Clone States, in which new players who don’t wish to subscribe, or existing players whose subscription has expired, will be able to play the game for free as an Alpha Clone. Characters in the EVE universe are called capsuleers, as they control clones from pods (or capsules) This new update will introduce different clone states, allowing players who don’t pay for a subscription to the game to play as Alpha Clones, which have limited skill training capabilities. Once they subscribe, their clones get upgraded to Omega Clones, and can train and access any skill in the game.


When we launch later this year there will be two clone states available:

  • The Alpha Clone State is the new base state for all clones and it will be available to any character in New Eden at any time. Clones in the Alpha state will be able to train and use a specific set of skills including tech one Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers for your faction along with essential weapons and modules. Alphas will also train skills at a reduced rate compared to Omegas.
  • The Omega Clone State is obtained by augmenting basic clones using neural expanders and cerebral acceleration technology, granting unlimited skill access. Omega clone state will behave exactly as your subscribed characters do now.

Your clone state will be determined by your account status. Characters on subscribed or PLEXed accounts will be granted Omega state, while Alpha state will be given to characters on any unsubscribed account.

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