EVERSPACE Early Access out today

Rockfish Games‘ roguelike space combat and exploration game EVERSPACE will get an Early Access release today, letting players participate in its development before its Q1 2017 release date.

The development team has been kind enough to produce an Early Access launch trailer:

We previewed the game’s Beta release last month and found out that even in beta form, EVERSPACE is already quite enjoyable and polished.

Gamers interested in getting a DRM free build of the game can check out its GOG page, and those who would like to take advantage of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program will be able to purchase it on the Windows 10 Store later this month.


Early Access Features

  • Single player roguelike space shooter with persistent progression
  • Vibrant art style with top-notch visuals featuring ultra-hires textures
  • Rock solid 6DOF controls optimized for fast-paced space combat
  • In-depth crafting and damage system

Upcoming Features

  • Two additional player ships with different capabilities and starting gear
  • Dynamic cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Captivating non-linear story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters
  • Hardcore Mode with permadeath for die-hard roguelike fans
  • VR support for oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Braz.), Russian, Spanish and Turkish

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