Ex Innerloop Studios Devs Working on Project I.G.I. Revival

Fans of old school tactical shooters may be happy to learn that a team of ex Innerloop Studios developers is working on a new entry in the Project I.G.I. series. We don’t know yet if the new game will be a sequel to I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike or some sort of reboot, but the developers have announced it will adhere to the series’ tradition of letting players handle the situation at hand in many different ways.

The original Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In was a tactical first person shooter powered by Innerloop Studios‘ own engine, originally developed for a flight simulator, and thus, very capable of showing large outdoor environments with a high level of detail. While the game wasn’t critically acclaimed, it did well enough to warrant a sequel, and it can be considered a cult classic.




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