Fable Fortune Leaving Early Access on February 22

Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic announced today that Fable Fortune, their Albion-based collectible card game, will leave Early Access on February 22nd, releasing as a Free to Play title on Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One (card game fans who wish to support Flaming Fowl Studios with their hard earned cash can still purchase a Founder’s Pack for US$14.99, granting them instant access to the game ahead of the February 22nd launch date and over $40’s worth of ingame items).

The last seven months in Early Access have been good for the game, as the developers’ hard work seems to have paid off according to the dedicated community that follows Fable Fortune. Key features included in the launch version include (but are not limited to) a single player story mode named Heroic Tales, which lets players experience the dramatic histories behind the game’s Heroes, a new emote system adding tools that will enable multiplayer communication (letting us congratulate, mock or fart in the general direction of our foes for tactical purposes), a Deck Helper and full tutorial led by the Guildmaster of the Guild of Heroes, a Daily Bounties system designed to reward loyal players, rare Fancy cards that will surely draw attention in a crowd, and a host of smaller tweaks and new features that contribute to making this new version feel like a full release and not just another version change.

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