Failbetter Games announces Sunless Skies


Failbetter Games, known for the excellent sailing adventure game Sunless Sea, has announced that their next title will be named Sunless Skies, and it will expand on Sunless Sea‘s gameplay and themes.

The new game will be set in a version of the Victorian Empire that conquered space, which is known in the game universe as the High Wilderness. The Empress has abandoned London, leading an exodus to the High Wilderness, in order to create a new British Empire that will rule the stars. The development team at Failbetter Games said that their influences include H.G. Wells and C.S. Lewis, Leigh Brackett, Art Nouveau, trains and the film Event Horizon.

As expected from the brains behind Fallen London and Sunless Sea, their new title will also be rich with stories, and it will be a punishing experience (although the developers promise to be respectful of the player’s time)

Failbetter Games will use both Kickstarter (with a campaign coming in February 2017) and the Early Access program again, and the game’s final release will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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