Fall Guys Season 2 Out Now

Fall Guys‘ second season is now underway, with new levels to play in, a new pass to grind, new skins, and a host of new features, including the all new Show Selector.

As we’ve shared previously, Fall Guys Season 2 is all about Medieval-themed madness, so expect lots of knightly outfits.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout catapults the world’s most memeable jelly beans into a world of Medieval mayhem with the long-awaited launch of Season 2!

Starting today, players will revel among knockabout knights, pugilistic paladins and vivacious vikings in a full season of new Rounds, costumes, emotes and more as they lay siege to the Middle Ages!

4 new Medieval Rounds enter the rotation (with more on the way soon!)

* Hoopsie Legends – Teamwork (sometimes) makes the dream work!

* Knight Fever – Our most challenging Gauntlet yet!

* Egg Siege – Tactical scrambling action

* Wall Guys – Build it up, tear it down!

A full Season Pass of new costumes, emotes and more!

A fresh new Featured store schedule for the duration of the season!

A suite of new features, including a Show Selector!

The all-new Show Selector collects a carefully selected roster of shows, including some extra special limited-time events! Each show features a themed playlist of Rounds to suit different playstyles, such as Gauntlet and Survival Showdowns.

Last, but certainly not least, existing Rounds have all been given a fresh lick of paint. It turns out hosting millions of shows takes its toll on our classic courses, so it was time to give them a little TLC!

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