Fanatical Kicks off BundleFest with Killer Bundle XI

It’s time for Fanatical‘s annual BundleFest, and their first selection of discounted games is a killer deal featuring The Technomancer, The Signal from Tölva and nine other well received titles for just US$4.99. This bundle will expire in fourteen days, so be sure to pick it up before that happens.

Here’s the full list of games for those who can’t access Fanatical at the moment:

The Signal From Tölva – A delightful Far Cry-esque experience that was recently expanded with an all new campaign. US$19.99 on Steam.

The Technomancer – Spiders’ follow-up to Mars: War Logs, I haven’t been able to play it, but I’ve read that its heart is in the right place, though bugs and an overall janky feeling may bring down the experience a bit. US$29.99 on Steam.

Forward to the Sky – Yet another game that I haven’t been able to play. Going from the Steam user reviews, this is a short adventure aimed at players who might not want to spend their time hacking away at massive bosses. US$7.99 on Steam.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist – I’m beginning to think that I’m actually quite bad at my job, since I must confess that I haven’t played this game either. According to its store description, Legend of the Brofist is a 2D platformer featuring “your favorite Youtubers”, whatever that means. US$7.99 on Steam.

The Swindle – Aha! I’ve played this one! The Swindle is a stealth game featuring randomly generated levels set in a steampunk version of Victorian era London. I found it a bit too unforgiving, but it’s one of my favorite 2D stealth titles. US$14.99 on Steam.

UNLOVED – A blast on co-op, not so fun when playing on your own, UNLOVED is a first person shooter that owes a lot to its Doom 2 mod heritage. Randomly arranged levels ensure that we won’t play through the same maze twice, while still benefiting from hand crafted individual rooms. US$9.99 on Steam.

Zenith – An RPG designed to get a chuckle out of the player, Zenith doesn’t always work as intended, but it’s an ultimately rewarding experience. US$14.99 on Steam.

Think of the Children – A hard to describe cooperative “parenting simulator” where your objective is to keep six kids away from harm, often against their will. Designed with co-op in mind, Think of the Children also features a solo mode, though I’d say that most of the fun will be lost should you decide to opt for that instead of playing with a friend or three. US$9.99 on Steam.

Hive Jump – Kill aliens, unlock weapons, die, repeat. Definitely give it a go in co-op, though it’s perfectly enjoyable as a singleplayer title. US$19.99 on Steam.

ICY: Frostbite Edition – A survival RPG geared towards players who can appreciate a good story. US$12.99 on Steam.

Stories: The Path of Destinies – A lovely action RPG focused on delivering great stories without caring too much for anything else. US$14.99 on Steam.

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