Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC Out Next Week

Ubisoft announced today that the next DLC pack for Far Cry 5, titled Lost on Mars, will be out on July 17.

Continuing the trend set by the first Far Cry 5 addon (Hours of Darkness), Lost on Mars will take players to an entirely new setting the Red Planet, where they’ll have to fight their way through an alien invasion in order to save Hurk, the explosion-loving, trigger happy maniac who’s been pestering the player since Far Cry 3. Instead of controlling the main game’s protagonist, we’ll play as Nick Rye, one of their best buddies who also happens to be an experienced pilot.

Assets from this DLC pack will be available for free to all Arcade creators, letting them make sci-fi themed content to their hearts’ content.

Players looking forward to the final piece of Season Pass content will be happy to learn that Dead Living Zombies (we’ll let you guess what’s included in that one) will be released at some point in August of this year.

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