Fast Paced FPS High Hell out Now on Steam, Includes Free Copy of Heavy Bullets for Early Adopters

Remember High Hell? Of course you do, we talked about it last month! Well, it’s out now, for the low, low price of US$ 9.99. There’s even a nifty promotion going on where you’ll get a 10% discount plus a free copy of Heavy Bullets if you purchase High Hell before November 2nd.

If you insist on not remembering High Hell, fret not, I’m here to remind you about the basics. It’s a fast paced first person shooter created by the unholy union of Terri Vellmann (mastermind behind Heavy Bullets) and Doseone (known for his work on Enter the Gungeon, among other things). The campaign is short (but probably not sweet) and we’ll get to blast hundreds of corporate drones and drug dealers into oblivion. There are bosses, shotguns and enough drugs to create the biggest bonfire since the Burning Man, so no one can feel left out after giving it a go (probably, don’t take me to court over this statement, please).

Here’s a quote from Devolver Digital’s CFO, Fork Parker (you should totally follow him on Twitter, by the way)

The market research team claims that High Hell is the highest testing game Devolver Digital has ever published with burning money and kicking monkeys as the primary drivers amongst millennials. Fucking millennials.

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