February’s Humble Monthly Features XCOM 2 for $12

Humble Monthly, the newest creation from the brains behind the rise of the indie bundles and the Humble Store, is offering XCOM 2 plus six other Steam games and a Humble Original (titles developed specifically for this promotion, or debuting through the Monthly service) for just US$ 12. Strategy fans looking to snag a copy of the latest XCOM for a dirt cheap price should head over to https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly. Paying for February’s Monthly Bundle right away unlocks the XCOM 2 key, meaning that gamers don’t need to wait until the rest of the bundle is revealed in order to play the strategy title.

The service offers up to eight games per month, and users only know one of the games they will get in advance. Still, with the quality of the games on offer so far, this is a great way to build an excellent library of both indie and AAA releases without paying a lot of money in the process.


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