First Quake Champions gameplay trailer

id Software has released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming Quake Champions. Although fans of the franchise are still skeptic about this new entry in the series due to the addition of playable “Champions” which would turn the venerable arena shooter into something more akin to Overwatch or LawBreakers (the new Hero Shooter genre) the first trailer will probably earn back quite a bit of trust, thanks to the fast paced action and abundance of rocket jumps featured in the clip.

In addition, id Software Studio Director Tim Willits announced that the game will have a closed beta period in 2017, which means that some lucky players will be able to experience the new entry in the Quake franchise sooner than expected.

Mr. Willits also reassured fans that the game will run at 120hz with unlocked framerates, and that it will take full advantage of the power of the PC platform, due to its current exclusivity.

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