For Honor Season 5 Launches on February 15, Dedicated Servers Coming Soon

Ubisoft revealed today that For Honor‘s Fifth Season, titled Age of Wolves, will launch on February 15th. This free update brings changes to Hero balancing, matchmaking and connectivity, as well as fight system improvements, new customization options and more.

Age of Wolves will also mark the introduction of dedicated servers, though they won’t be implemented in time for the launch of Season Five. A new training mode (revealed back in July 2017) will also be released during the season.

Implementation of Dedicated Servers
Following a successful Open Test in December which allowed the production team to gather players’ feedback and data, the dedicated server infrastructure will be implemented in For Honor during Season Five. This implementation will remove the resyncing, session migrations and NAT requirements that players currently have and deliver stable connectivity on all platforms. The exact timing of the implementation will be communicated at a later date.

Major Hero Updates
Five Heroes – Kensei, Conqueror, Highlander, Berserker and Nobushi – will receive major gameplay updates in order to re-balance the available roster. The Kensei and Conqueror will both receive new move sets, animations and more to their kit, while the Highlander, the Berserker and the Nobushi, will also receive meaningful balancing updates. Following Season Five, more heroes will receive similar updates as the development team continues to prioritise game balancing.

New Training Features
After the launch of Season Five, For Honor will introduce three new training modes designed to change the way players hone their skills. Newcomers will be able to learn the basics of the game as well as more advanced techniques in the Apprentice Trials and the Warriors Trials modes. Finally, The Arena mode will allow advanced players to practice against specific heroes and moves that will prepare them for any potential fighting combinations.

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