Freedom Fighters Is Now Available on GOG and Steam

IO Interactive‘s excellent squad-based shooter Freedom Fighters is now available on GOG and Steam for just US$9.89 or your regional equivalent.

I loved this game back when it came out in 2003, so I had to buy it now, and I can happily report that it seems to work fine on modern Windows 10 computers. While cutscenes have black bars to the sides, the action runs fine on widescreen resolutions (I tested 1920*1080).

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on the game, then I’ll drop this bombshell: the bundle they are currently selling on Steam and GOG includes Jesper Kyd’s awesome soundtrack!

They took your freedom. It’s time to take it back!

Freedom Fighters is an intense third-person action game set in an alternate history New York during the invasion of a foreign superpower. Take on the role of Chris Stone, a hard-working plumber, and rise through the ranks of the resistance to prove yourself as a charismatic leader.

Liberate supplies, scavenge weapons and use the ‘recruit and command’ system to grow the resistance and lead up to 12 freedom fighters into strategic conflicts throughout the campaign. Travel across the city and complete interconnected missions where your actions in one level affect the battles in another.

Originally released in 2003, IO Interactive‘s cult classic is now available digitally in its original form for the first time.

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