Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PC Version Launches in May

Sucker Punch Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed today that the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will get a Steam launch on May 16th.

Preorders are already live, with the highly anticipated open world action title retailing for US$59.99 or your regional equivalent. There’s some in-game early unlocks as pre-purchase rewards, such as armor and dyes. Sony also seems keen in getting players to connect their Steam account with PSN, and as such they are offering some more extra cosmetic rewards for it.

The PC port seems to have been given a fair amount of though, seeing as the game launches with full support for unlocked framerates and graphics options that claim to accommodate a wide range of hardware, from high end systems to “portable PC gaming devices” (we assume this line refers to the Steam Deck).

Ultrawide (21:9) and Super Ultrawide (32:9) monitors are also natively supported, with the developers even including 48:9 triple monitor setups in their list of hardware that has been tested.

Thankfully, we’ll also get DLSS 3, FSR3 and Intel XeSS support out of the gate (which includes frame generation for those with GPUs able to do it, and Nvidia DLAA for systems with horsepower to spare).

The Japanese voiceover option present in the console versions has been upgraded with Japanese lip-sync, apparently made possible by the fact that cinematics are a real-time affair on the PC version.

And lastly, we can choose between controller support (with DualSense being touted as the default option, including haptic feedback if the device is in wired mode) and full keyboard and mouse controls, including the option to rebind everything.

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