Ghostlight Announces Lost Dimension for PC

Ghostlight Games announced today that they are working on a PC port of the acclaimed PS3/Vita JRPG Lost Dimension. The game takes place in a near future vision of the world where humanity is being threatened by a nuclear apocalypse by a terrorist known as The End. Players control a team of eleven young superhumans with psychic abilities in tactical engagements that will determine the fate of the Earth.

The PC version of Lost Dimension will support a number of popular screen resolutions, controller and mouse/keyboard input methods, cloud saving and the ever present Steam Achievements feature. High resolution art will be in place in key areas of the game, and the Ghostlight team will include a high quality localization developed by Atlus.

Key game features:

  • Take on the enemy across tactically created environments in an amazingly strategic turn-based battle system!
  • Create bonds with your teammates and use your psychic talent of ‘vision’ to rifle through their minds and find the traitors!
  • Every person counts in battle as you place teammates to benefit and shield each other and manage their ‘Defers’ and ‘Berserk’ modes!
  • Test your investigation and deduction skills by finding the traitor on each floor of the towering Pillar.  Traitors are randomly determined, so no two playthroughs are the same!


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