Granblue Fantasy: Versus Coming to PC on March 13

Arc System WorksGranblue Fantasy: Versus will get a PC/Steam release on March 13th. The developers warn users that the PC version will NOT include a bonus code for the Granblue Fantasy mobile game, and that there is no crossplay with the PlayStation 4 edition of Versus.

An international mobile game hit, Granblue Fantasy has topped the charts, charming players across the globe with a plethora of lovable characters and story-driven mechanics. Now, legendary fighting game studio Arc System Works and Cygames are teaming up to bring the universe to home console in an action-packed head-to-head fighter. Featuring a colorful cast of their most popular “crewmembers,” each with a unique fighting style that is easy to learn but hard to master, Granblue Fantasy: Versus is sure to appeal to fans of Granblue lore and fighting games alike.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus features fighting game mechanics and a brawler-like RPG mode (that can be partially played in co-op).

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