GreedFall: Gold Edition Hits PC and Consoles on June 30

GreedFall is getting an expansion on June 30th, when the Gold Edition of Spiders Studio‘s acclaimed fantasy RPG hits PC and PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/S.

This expansion is titled The De Vespe Conspiracy, and it will expand on GreedFall‘s world, adding a new region of Teer Fradee for protagonist De Sardet to explore. As expected from the title of the expansion, we’ll have to unravel a conspiracy that could threaten the balance of power in unpredicted ways. New enemies and equipment will be in hand, as well as an entirely new enemy faction to battle as we try to uncover the truth.

The GreedFall Gold Edition will include both the base game and the expansion.

GreedFall: Gold Edition
For those who are not familiar with the world of GreedFall, you arrive on a new world and forge its destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. Engage in a free-form core RPG experience, completing quests and objectives as you become part of a living, evolving world!

The De Vespe Conspiracy
The De Vespe Conspiracy will bring you a brand new adventure within the uncharted lands of Teer Fradee, with new enemies, gear, and a twisting narrative that expands the base game story. Navigate a web of lies, manipulation and secrets, as you unravel a nefarious conspiracy that threatens the balance of power. Explore an uncharted region of the island, battle strange new beasts, upgrade your equipment with new gear and face off against a villainous new enemy faction in your hunt to uncover the truth.

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