Green Hell Getting Free Spirits of Amazonia Update

Creepy Jar‘s open world survival simulator Green Hell will get a new story and a new area (among other niceties) when the free Spirits of Amazonia (Part One) update hits Steam on January 28th.

We got a pretty nifty trailer to share with you, and I’ve embedded it below.

  • New Mode – Spirits of Amazonia  – An all-new story happening before the events of Green Hell’s Story Mode.
  • New Map Area – A new map area completely separated from the map you know… for now.
  • Four New Legendary Quests – Piece together riddles revealed by paintings on hidden stones all throughout the rainforest to discover the tribe’s story, and aid their village.
  • New Mushroom – Search inside of caves to find a new mushroom with mysterious properties.
  • New Spike Tree – Be careful! Chopping down a tree just got more dangerous, and just a tiny bit poisonous!
  • New Custom Building – Add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode!

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