Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition Will Be Free for Owners of the Original

Did you buy the excellent turn-based dungeon crawler Guild of Dungeoneering ages ago and were wondering if you’d get a discount on the Ultimate Edition that’s set to release in November? Fret not, as developers Gambrinous have decided to upgrade all existing PC copies to the Ultimate Edition free of charge. That’s right, zero dollars!

A demo is also available starting today, so head over to the game’s Steam Store page if you wish to give it a shot.

From today, players can delve into the demo to play Ultimate Edition for the very first time. We’ve seen a lot of buzz from fans since we announced Ultimate Edition so I’m excited to see their reaction to the demo. This is also a great chance to expose a new audience to our wonderful mocking bard’s silly songs ahead of this November’s full release 

Colm Larkin, Director of Gambrinous.

If the singing in the lovely trailer I shared above wasn’t your cup of tea, then let me fill you in on the Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition details. This new and improved version of the game completely rebuilds and remasters the 2015 original, adding a wealth of content. New quests, dungeoneers, loot, monsters and weapons to slay them are just the tip of the iceberg, as the Ultimate Edition also includes all the DLC released for the base game. When is it coming out? I don’t have a specific release date, but I’ve been told to expect a November launch.

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