Hand of Fate 2 Brings Card-Based Action RPG Combat to Steam Today

Today is a good day for action RPG fans, as Hand of Fate 2 is finally out on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and PlayStation 4.

The treacherous Dealer from the original Hand of Fate returns with an offer to play his Game of Life and Death, but this time around he seems to be on our side, training us so he can exact his revenge on an unknown foe that took everything he owned. In order to master the Dealer’s Game, we’ll have to traverse an ever changing world made up of collectible cards while beating bloodthirsty enemies in fast paced hack and slash combat encounters.
Companion characters with their own side-quests will join us in our travels, and a number of noticeable enhancements over the first game in the series (such as a detailed overworld map and other exciting surprises) ensure that the action never stops.
When developing the original Hand of Fate, we set out to create a tabletop game that comes to life. While that project was widely praised and an incredible success for us, we felt there was room for improvement. We’ve spent the past two years working to one-up ourselves, and the results have paid off. I’m proud to say this is the best game I’ve ever worked on and am ecstatic it’s finally ready to be shared with the world.
Morgan Jaffit, Director, Defiant Development
Hand of Fate 2 is out now on Steam for US$ 29.99.

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