Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gets June 16 Early Access Launch Date

Blackbird Interactive revealed today that Hardspace: Shipbreaker is coming to Steam Early Access on June 16th.

If you are new to the space salvaging business, I think that the trailer I’ve embedded below will give you a good idea of what to expect from this upcoming sandbox title, as publisher Focus Home Interactive continues to do a great job when it comes to releasing informative videos about their upcoming titles.

Welcome to LYNX, the galaxy’s leading ship-salvaging corporation!

Across your career, you’ll have the privilege of paying your debt to us by purchasing salvaging rights to increasingly large and valuable ships. Cut them open and extract as much value as possible!

You are equipped with the latest in LYNX tech. Carve entry points, salvage valuable materials and components with your cutting tool or slice scrap metal at any angle into a million pieces as you ponder a lonely existence… the possibilities are endless! Be cautious – dying is extremely unprofitable.

We strongly advise upgrading your tools, helmet and suit to take on more lucrative contracts – all you need to worry about is how you’ll pay for it!

Experience daily life as a blue-collar spaceship salvager

Cut and destroy at will within a next-generation physics simulation

Upgrade tools and unlock new perks to take on harder contracts

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