Hedon Bloodrite Revealed, Out in Summer 2021

If you are like me and enjoy playing fast paced shooters, you’ve probably played (or heard of) Hedon, a retro FPS that runs on the GZDoom engine and plays like a dream. What you might not have known however is that this little gem will get a sequel in Summer 2021, featuring double the play time (from 8 to 16 hours) and larger levels, a bigger arsenal, and even more enemies to vanquish.

The developer doesn’t know yet whether to release Hedon Bloodrite as a separate download or include it with the main game and give it a price increase, so keep your eyes peeled for that, just in case.

16 Hours of Hand-Crafted Singleplayer Experience

Hedon Bloodrite is pretty much Hedon on steroids, with larger levels, larger arsenal and bestiary, more world building and story and generally more… Hedon.

They messed up your home. It’s your turn to mess theirs!

You’ll be on the offensive now. Join the Iron Division remnants in a last ditch attempt to save the world from an imminent demonic invasion.

The world expands…

Get ready to explore the universe of Hedon further and learn more about the places and people who inhabit the mysterious underground world.

A touch of RPG

You will be able to talk to various characters and complete secondary objectives and hidden quests. Sometimes, your actions will affect the course of the game in subtle ways.

Lose yourself in the layers of the underworld

As a true successor, Bloodrite will expand on Hedon‘s already large levels, keeping up the visual variety and strong atmosphere. Creativity, wits and exploration will never go unrewarded. In addition to that, you will be able to go back and worth between certain levels, having the freedom to approach them in multiple ways.

Kick ass harder

You get a weapon that shoots 2100 bullets a minute. Kicking ass is the only option.

What is the fate of the underworld? Will Zan make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the demons? Do male orcs exist?

These and many other questions will find their answer in the sequel. The best part is that you won’t have to wait more than three months from now to find out!

Until then, stay thirsty… for Bloodrite!

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