Hide and Shriek Goes Free to Play Just in Time for Halloween

Funcom‘s Hide and Shriek is now free to play, just in time for the Halloween season. Players will be able to scare each other off to death on tense one versus one multiplayer sessions, and should they enjoy the experience, there’s a Mask Pack that will unlock seven new masks (purely cosmetic) for just US$ 3.99.

Hide and Shriek is a one vs. one multiplayer game where players collect points and scare the other player using spells, traps, and jump scares. Players can summon dark demons, set up elaborate traps, and jump out of clever hiding places to scare each other senseless. The catch is that you are both invisible, and to find and scare the other player you must first observe telltale signs such as doors opening or objects moving, or even trick them into traps that will reveal their position.

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