Hitman’s latest Elusive Target is now live

IO-Interactive has just announced that the latest Hitman Elusive Target is live. Aspiring virtual contract killers will have a tougher time than usual tracking down this target, as the company didn’t reveal his face, only a name, occupation and some clues.

The new Elusive Target is known as Owen “Protagonist” Wagner, and his distinguishing trait is that he’s fond of a cheap orange jam available in Alabama. He can be found at the Paris map.

Elusive Targets are specially crafted, unique targets, which come with particular rules:

  • An Elusive Target is a once in a lifetime experience
  • They are available for a limited time only in game
  • Intel on the target will be limited
  • They will not appear in instinct mode, or the mini map and their locations will not be revealed to you – you’ll have to go and find them
  • Plan accordingly before you engage your target
  • Your target can only die once
  • If you die during the mission, that’s it
  • When the time runs out, they are gone for good
  • If you fail, there are no second chances

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