Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Showcases New Game Modes, Campaign

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged just got a new trailer showcasing the five new game modes included in this sequel, plus its adrenaline-pumping single player campaign.

For those not in the loop, Milestone‘s new title in the beloved Mattel property launches on October 19th for PC and consoles, and preorders are already available on your digital storefront of choice.

These new additions to the Hot Wheels Unleashed family include:

  • Elimination, which is the classic last racer standing mode, where the slowest in the pack get gradually eliminated and players must weigh their options carefully to avoid such a cruel fate.
  • Drift Master, which prioritizes drifting prowess above all, with players burning out their tires in nail-biting challenges taht test their precision and style.
  • Waypoint, an interesting new idea that leverages the game’s five different environments to push racers to explore and find secrets while freely roaming the classic orange tracks of the Hot Wheels franchise.
  • Grab the Gears, which seems to be a lot more action packed than I’d expected from a racing game mode, as competitors have to duke it out in open areas, trying to grab as many Gears as possible before their opposition wins the match.
  • Clash Derby, a monster truck frenzy that harkens to the days of Demolition Derby, only here we’ll witness big wheeled monstrosities smashing into each other as they vie for ultimate victory in the arena.

The campaign is no less bombastic, as developers Milestone are crafting an adventure where protagonists Robert and Darla (accompanied by their trusty robot sidekick XR046, of course) have to save the city after Professor Tanabe makes a catastrophic mistake and releases deadly creatures into the wild. Five bosses will pave the way to ultimate victory, and we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in this fantastical story through the use of animated cutscenes full of character and personality.

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