Hunt: Showdown Getting Solo PvE Mode in the Future

Crytek shared some news on their plans for Hunt: Showdown‘s future, and while most of the information isn’t very relevant to PC players (as the developer is gearing up for the game’s PlayStation 4 release next month) there’s one specific future feature that will make a significant number of people happy. You see, Hunt: Showdown started its life as a cooperative PvE monster hunting title called Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Over time, the game’s concept changed completely and we ended up getting one of the best PvPvsPvE experiences released to date, but there’s always been a good number of players who’d love to play a PvE version of Showdown. Why is that relevant now? Well, Crytek stated today that after Update 1.2 hits they’ll work on a Solo PvE mode, among other things.

Update 1.2 details:

Update 1.2 is slated to bring random teams of three, an advanced tutorial, new Legendary Hunters, and new equipment and weapons across the board. Players can also expect server-side performance improvements, client CPU performance fixes, and a number of other general bug fixes.

Aside from the Solo PvE mode, post-Update 1.2 additions will include outfit customization, live events and a new boss (plus crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox, but that doesn’t affect PC players)

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