In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor Early Access out now

Arcen Games has just released their first 3d game, In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor on Steam’s Early Access program.

A departure from their earlier titles, In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor is a procedurally assembled action game in which gamers will play as a raptor fighting against a robotic army.

Hopefully, Raptor (I refuse to write that long name again!) will be the success that Arcen Games needs after some really bad times for the company.

The game is out now on Early Access and it costs US$ 4.99 (with a 10% launch discount bringing the price down to US$ 4.49)

Game description:

  • Be a raptor, feel like one, and smash robots to bits.
  • Procedurally-assembled 3D environments set in a scenic futuristic dystopia.
  • A growing variety of enemies and locations that provide increasingly interesting tactical situations.

Sell Me The Idea In One Sentence

If I have to convince you why being any form of dromaeosaurid is freaking awesome, then I’m not sure we can be friends. This game is carefully crafted to give you the closest possible feeling of being one of these glorious monsters — then turning you loose to do fun stuff.

What’s The Point?

  • 1. For the pure fun of the thing. In 1993, a certain game let you be a raptor. The controls were iffy. The levels were short and static. It’s very dated. Yet many of us still dust it off periodically — just to be a raptor. Release Raptor gives you a far more satisfying, modern, dynamic experience.
  • 2. For a power trip. In this mode, which is essentially for speedrunning and finesse, you’re on an invincible rampage. It’s not about IF you can do it, but how WELL you do it. Your performance is evaluated, so mistakes still have consequences without interrupting the flow of the game.
  • 3. For the challenge. Brutal Mode (coming soon!) approximates what a real theropod might experience when attacked by robots. Aka, if you get shot by a rocket that’s the end. You’ll need to use all your raptor skills to tear your foes to shreds.
  • 4. To play with kids. I want to be able to play this with my 5 year old son, but still have dismemberment (because that’s cool). How to do that without blood or gore? Robots! Little robots = pouncing targets; giant mechs = dismemberment targets.
  • 5. For tactics or exploration. Our levels are hand-crafted but procedurally-assembled, and we’re updating frequently to give new and legitimately interesting — as well as tactically-challenging places to visit. New enemies frequently get added, too.

Procedural Assembly

What on earth do we mean by “procedurally-assembled?” Basically, we’re using a very heavy mix of handcrafted content with procedural bits making it fresh each time.
Creating unique and recognizable areas is a huge focus, because otherwise you get unimaginative “procgen blandness.” Yuck! But we still wanted that sense of exploration, and so not chunk of level is present in every run, the layouts of the overall level (and where enemies are as well) varies quite a bit.

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