Interceptor Entertainment announces Rad Rodgers (with Kickstarter campaign)

Interceptor Entertainment, an independent game developer known for the 2013 Rise of the Triad remake, has just announced that they are working on a new platform game known as Rad Rodgers.

The company hopes to fund the development of Rad Rodgers through Kickstarter. The campaign’s goal has been set at fifty thousand dollars, a number that may seem high, but it’s probably quite small compared to most high profile games’ budgets.

Rad Rodgers is an action-packed 4th-wall busting 3D side-scroller inspired by the precision platformers of the 90’s, powered by today’s Unreal Engine 4.

The assets shown in the Kickstarter page show a lot of promise, and Interceptor Entertainment‘s latest title features voice acting by industry legend Jon St. John.

The minimum pledge level required to get a copy of the game once it’s fully released comes down to US$ 8, with higher levels unlocking more goodies, as usual. For instance, backers who pledge US$ 17 will be able to access Rad Rodgers‘ beta release on Steam, and there’s even a tier directed at streamers/Youtubers interested in doing community giveaways, with 15 copies of the game being offered for US$ 45.

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