Isometric MMO Mech shooter Antraxx coming to Kickstarter in October

Antraxx, a promising massively multiplayer isometric mech shooter that has been in development since 2011, will test the Kickstarter waters in October 1st before heading out for an Early Access release later this year.

The game already has a playable demo that can be accessed by anyone interested at this link, and I had some hands on time with it today. Right now, the web version of Antraxx doesn’t have most of the features that will be available at launch, but it shows a lot of promise, as the basic framework for an entertaining shooter is there. Players can choose between three different mechs and have a go at each other (I recommend having more than 2 people playing, since the mechs are quite slow) The controls feel good, and the different weapons that can be tried in the demo pack a punch.

The development team promises an updated demo on October 1st, which will unlock mech customization and will let players control territory. A map editor will also be included, which is always a nice touch.

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Antraxx will be available on web browsers and on Steam, and the full release of the game will have an even larger set of features:

  • Crisp, high-quality pixel art
  • Fully customizable mechs to suit your unique playing style
  • In-depth faction politics and economy systems
  • Ability to acquire land and build your own zone
  • Sandbox gameplay with map creation for unlimited creativity
  • Free-for-all, team deathmatch, King of the Hill gamemodes and more

For more information on Antraxx, don’t forget to check out the following links:

Official Website:
Indie DB page:


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