Johnny Gat Joins the Agents of Mayhem… As a Preorder Bonus


Volition announced today that gamers who preorder Agents of Mayhem through Steam/GameStop will be able to play as Johnny Gat, last seen in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. The lovable maniac will join the team as the 13th Agent of Mayhem, bringing his own customized weapon to the fold, as well as some vehicle skins. Johnny Gat fans will also be able to play through an exclusive mission.

Agents of MAYHEM is a single-player, open-world, third-person action game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming systems. Fun, funny and full of high-action moments and laugh-out-loud scenarios, in Agents of MAYHEM, you run a no-holds barred operation against the shadowy super-villain organization, LEGION, fighting to take back the world after the horrors of Devil’s Night.

Explore the futuristic city of Seoul with a team of three interchangeable agents, each with their own distinct look, sense of humour, weapons, and skillset, with only one aim: to destroy LEGION, its operatives and their vile plans to take over the world.

Agents of Mayhem will be released on August 15th and it’s now available for preorder on Steam and other authorized retailers.

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