Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets Sweary Story Trailer

RPG fans (and history buffs) have something to look forward to this month, as Kingdom Come: Deliverance drops worldwide in less than two weeks. Of course, this also means that Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, is revving up the hype machine with new trailers (we got an extended look at some interesting gameplay features with the excellently named “Of Minds, Blades and Schnapps!” video last month) and today they’ve released a new gameplay video focusing on the story (and giving everyone a lesson on period-appropriate swear words).

According to developers Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come won’t feature any microtransactions (or even a Season Pass), instead giving us everything they’ve developed so far in a single packaged priced at US$59.99. In a world where everyone seems dead set on convincing customers that lootboxes are an integral part of the modern videogame experience,  Daniel Vávra’s team has chosen to follow the path of other beloved studios like Larian or CD Projekt Red, and we should celebrate and reward their honesty.

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