Kingdom Under Fire 2 out Now on Gameforge, Coming to Steam Later

Remember when we talked about Kingdom Under Fire 2‘s unexpected return from the grave? Well, the game is now fully released for PC if you don’t have any issues with Gameforge‘s own launcher (and you probably shouldn’t, since the company has been working on MMOs since forever). Steam users will have to wait a little bit longer, according to the FAQ posted today on the game’s Steam Discussions.

Good news for anyone dreading Pay to Win mechanics, as the same FAQ states that all microtransactions will be cosmetic only, and that even the items offered as part of the higher price bundles will be obtainable ingame.

Speaking about bundles, there’s three different game packages, all offering the full game as base, with added costumes and benefits on top as the price increases (US$30, 50 and 100).

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is set in a world where three powerful factions—the Human Alliance, Dark Legion, and Encablossians— compete for control over the land of Bersia. Players can choose from several hero classes and focus on building up their individual characters or command massive armies as war strategists. Kingdom Under Fire 2 takes place 50 years after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and features an immersive story-driven online campaign, playable solo or multiplayer.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Key Features: 

  • Become a Legend: Master a unique and visually diverse MMORPG where you can dictate the fate of the world alone or with allies.
  • Enter the Front Lines: Engage in action-packed hack ‘n’ slash combat against thousands of foes — including legions of bloodthirsty orcs, magic wielders, towering beasts, and fellow players.
  • Command the Battlefield: Switch to an RTS perspective to command over 80 different types of troops from 10 different factions and strategize the fall of kingdoms in epic PvP battles featuring thousands of units! Troops can be leveled up and equipped with new gear that grants master tacticians a variety of abilities and options on the battlefield.
  • Be the Hero You Want to Be: Berserker, Elementalist, Gunslinger, Ranger, and Spellsword classes offer players unique abilities and playstyles as well as rich backstories that expand the lore of the Kingdom Under Fire series. 

Please note that if you wish to play the game on Steam you shouldn’t buy it through Gameforge, as existing accounts will NOT be merged with Steam accounts once the game launches on Valve’s platform.

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