Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Coming to PC Soon

If you thought that Kingdom Under Fire 2 was the last we’d see of the beloved KUF series on PC, then think again, because Blueside is bringing Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders to our favorite platform. While we don’t have a firm release date, we know the game should arrive sometime in Q1 2020, so it’s really soon-ish.

The full list of features include:

  • Incredible real-time strategy – battlefield conditions, weather, and decision-making all contribute to the outcome of the battle. Players must think with haste and precision as their numbers dwindle.
  • Build the perfect army – with more than 100 warriors, players can build and assign roles for their troops going into war. Characters can level up and equipment can be upgraded to ensure armies are first-class.
  • Turn the tide of battle – heroes can change the outcome of battles in epic, player-controlled moments.
  • Witness a war through 4 unique perspectives – players can choose between 2 human nations and 2 Dark Legion nations to experience completely different plots of the game.
  • Keyboard and mouse support – a new method of controlling the battlefield is available to PC players.
  • Full Gamepad support
  • HD Resolution support.
  • Relive your favorite moments from the game with an unchanged authentic port to PC that gives players the experience they had upon release.

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