Kinzie Kensington Joins the Agents of Mayhem with the Safeword Agent Pack DLC

The next DLC pack for Agents of Mayhem is here, and the star of the show is none other than Kinzie Kensington, who brings her own set of personal missions and high tech gadgets to Volition‘s open world title.

Players who wish to add Kinzie to their squad should set aside US$ 4.99.

For those who didn’t get to play the last three Saints Row titles, Kinzie Kensington is a former FBI agent who joined the Saints during the events of the third game, and even got to star as a playable character in Gat out of Hell (alongside series regular Johnny Gat, who is also part of the Agents of Mayhem gang).

Safeword Agent Pack contents:

  • Safeword character
  • 4 agent skins
  • 5 weapon skins
  • 1 Gremlin tech
  • 1 vehicle skin
  • 1 unlock mission
  • 1 personal mission

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