KKnD and KKnD 2: Krossfire Now Available on Steam

Ziggurat Interactive have finally brought the beloved RTS classics Krush Kill ‘N Destroy Xtreme and Krossfire to Steam.

Released more than 20 years ago, KKnD and its sequel were two real-time strategy titles in the vein of Command & Conquer, but featuring a Mad Max-inspired world instead of the alternate universes created by Westwood. I personally remember them fondly, though of course it’s been a while since I played both games, so I wonder if they’ve held up as well as the CnC titles. Thankfully, Ziggurat Interactive has priced them at less than five dollars each, so trying them out won’t burn anyone’s wallet.

The KKnD series is a hallmark of the golden age of RTS titles, and we’re overjoyed to now make it available to a wider audience via Steam. Expanding the availability of KKnD is just the beginning of a complete reintroduction of this wonderful franchise.

Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development at Ziggurat Interactive.

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