Larian Studios and Logic Artists Unveil Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Well, this is a welcome surprise. Larian Studios announced today that they are working with Logic Artists (developers of the Expeditions series) on a new entry in the Divinity universe, titled Fallen Heroes. While this new game is not a main entry in the franchise, it pretty much seems to be this generation’s Dragon Commander (an incredibly fun RTS spin-off of the Divinity series that claimed many weeks’ worth of my time back in 2013).

As the commander of the Lady Vengeance, a vessel featured in Divinity: Original Sin 2, players will have to lead their crew against a dangerous foe that threatens all of Rivellon. Of course, this means we’ll have to recruit heroes from all the races that populate this fantastical universe (Lizards, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Demons and Humans) and put them to work commanding squads of underlings ready to kill (or die) for the cause.

As expected from a Divinity game, Fallen Heroes is not just another strategy game, instead marrying tactical gameplay with rich RPG elements, so we’ll have to be mindful of our actions as every choice has a consequence. Aside from the different choices we’ll get to make as the story progresses, we’ll also have to recruit soldiers, take our time to research new gear, and of course, spend ages how to spec our heroes as we level them up aboard the magnificent Lady Vengeance.

Oh, and the gunpowder age is finally upon Rivellon, so we’ll also get to play with all sorts of guns, which can be used to compliment our already existing arsenal of spells and melee weaponry. The elements system from Original Sin 2 makes a comeback in Divinity: Fallen Heroes as well, letting us create all sorts of new tactical opportunities during combat.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Larian also revealed that we will be able to play in either single player or co-op, with a system that allows simultaneous turns, for maximum fun!

Divinity: Fallen Heroes should be released this year.

Oh, and for anyone wondering if the game will be an Epic Store exclusive, Larian Studios confirmed today that they do not intend to make it exclusive to any particular store, as they want their games to reach as many people as possible, in the most ways possible.

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