Mafia 3 Gets Free Demo to Celebrate DLC Launch

Gamers interested in checking out Mafia III without paying a penny can take advantage of a free demo that will be available on Steam later today, and if they decide to buy the open world action title afterwards, any progress made in the demo build will be transferred to the full game. The demo requires at least 24GB of free hard drive space in order to be installed.

Hangar 13 has also released the first piece of paid story DLC today. Faster, Baby! is available as part of the Season Pass, or for US$ 14.99 on its own. Two more story expansions will be released later this year.

In Sinclair Parish, a rural town west of the Bayou, Sheriff “Slim” Beaumont rules through fear and violence. When a Civil Rights leader is murdered, Lincoln joins forces with sister-in-arms Roxy Laveau to expose the town’s corruption. Engage in high-octane car chases, explosive new military-grade combat tactics and seedy operations to bring Slim and his corrupt Sheriff’s Department to justice.

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