Marvel Games Creative Director says he knows the Marvel: UA re-releases have issues and Marvel is working on fixes

marvel UA 2Both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games were re-released on current gen consoles and Steam this week, but not without many problems.

Each game costs $40, and the package containing both ports costs $60 (the price of a new game release nowadays) Sadly, the work that went into making these games playable on modern systems doesn’t seem worth the amount of money that Activision is charging for them, considering that gamers are reporting all kinds of issues with them. Broken resolution options, crackling audio and missing characters are just some of the problems that players encountered since the action RPG classics were re-released on July 26.

Luckily, Marvel is aware of the problems and they are working on fixes, if Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann’s latest tweet is anything to go by.

Source: Bill Rosemann’s Twitter account

Sadly, I doubt that their fixes include lowering the price to something more palatable.

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