Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Coming to PC on August 8

Capcom has just revealed the contents of their upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, due for release on August 8th, 2017. The classics compilation will include ports of Mega Man 7, 8. 9 and 10 and it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the relatively low price of US$ 19.99.

Players will be able to access an ingame Museum filled to the brim with history and production art, play through challenging remixed stages, and even take advantage of new optional features such as added armor and checkpoint saves. As expected from a new re-release, we’ll also be able to unlock achievements/Trophies.


4-in-1 Timeless Adventures – Experience the legacy of long-time video game icon Mega Man with these four most recent classics from the core series:

  • Mega Man 7 – This 16-bit side-scrolling classic introduces an in-game shop with power-ups, plus a mysterious rival Bass and his wolf-like companion Treble.
  • Mega Man 8 – The Blue Bomber leaps into 32-bit in even more colorful stages with impressive fully animated and voiced story sequences for the first time.
  • Mega Man 9 – This entry marks a triumphant return to the series’ roots with 8- bit visuals, music, and gameplay. Play as Proto Man and take on Fake Man in the included add-on content.
  • Mega Man 10 – Play as Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass in this fun, challenging 8-bit quest. Battle the deadly Mega Man Killer robots in the three included add-on stages.

First-timer Friendly – For those new to the series, this collection introduces a new option to play the games with additional armor as they learn the ropes during their first playthrough. Save checkpoints have also been added for easy reload.

New Remix Challenge Mode – Play classic stages like never before and put skills to the test in unique boss rush and stage remixes!

Mega Man Museum – Explore the legacy of these games’ original releases with a historic archive that includes hundreds of development materials such as concept designs, sketches, production art, and more.

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