Metal Slug Is Back… As a Tactical RPG

Never thought I’d be writing this, but Metal Slug is back, and it has evolved into a gorgeous tactical RPG. Dotemu and Leikir Studio have just unveiled Metal Slug Tactics, a reimagining of the classic SNK series that ditches run and gun action in favor of gird-based tactical combat.

No release window has been given for this stunning new title, but at least we got a reveal trailer that put almost all other trailers released today to shame. Seriously, just give it a watch, because this is the kind of stuff you don’t want to miss!

METAL SLUG is back with a brand new entry in the METAL SLUG universe. Discover a new side of the emblematic run’n’gun and jump into a dynamic tactical RPG with roguelike elements! Super fun and lighthearted, Metal Slug Tactics takes what makes METAL SLUG so special and unique and brings it to the tactical genre!


Experience the iconic dynamic battles of the METAL SLUG series with a brand new perspective. Build up your adrenaline bar to unlock super attacks and use them wisely. Gain some precious war experience after each battle and unlock weapons or bonus perks to upgrade your team’s firepower.


Choose between iconics brothers-in-arms to create the perfect team to stop the war.

Launch simultaneous attacks on your targets with the sync. mechanic to deal a hell lot of damage to the enemies! Don’t forget to call in some reinforcements if your team isn’t enough! They will send over the heavy artillery to support you: the Metal Slug, air raids, you name it, you get it!


Ending the war won’t be easy. Many challenges await, prepare to die again and again but never give up!

Play and replay your favorite missions as much as you want! Use the skills you acquired through each battle you have won so far to take down your enemies!

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